Kleo Med Spa



project overview



As a family business located in Orlando, FL, KLEO takes pride in offering personalized treatments and an individual-oriented approach that sets them apart in the beauty industry. Integrity, accountability, honesty, trust, and passion form the very foundation of their values, representing both the essence of our business and the essence of the individuals who run it.

The new brand design conveys relaxation and beauty. Effortless connections between letters create a natural flow and bring softness and uniqueness to the logo as it emulates a signature. Adjacent to the text, a delicate butterfly fused with a caduceus is positioned, symbolizing transformation, beauty, and rejuvination. The butterfly’s thorax is elegantly incorporated with the caduceus, hinting at the medical and professional approach of the medical spa.
Finally, the san serif font gently underlines the signature creating balance and legibility - all leading towards a journey of  self-discovery and transformation, celebrating the beauty that resides both within and without each patient.