Aesthetic District



project overview



Located in Orlando, FL, Aesthetic District Med Spa's vision emerged from a desire to enable people from all societal and economic backgrounds to enjoy a memorable experience while undergoing their medical and wellness treatments.

Inspired by a sense of nostalgia and natural beauty, we wanted to create a brand that feels true to its culture and values and bring us back to the roaring 20s - bold fashion trends yet healthy and natural beauty.   

For this reason, the font combination embodies a playful yet bold essence. The customized letters bring an intriguing edge to the design; subtle connections between letters create a natural flow and harmony within the logo. The fusion of the letter 'A' and the syringe creates a distinctive brand symbol, while the serif font adds a traditional twist. These elements culminate in a more memorable brand, complemented by a color palette that celebrates glamour, fun, and a sense of nostalgia.