Apara Jewelry



project overview



Created in 2015, APARA is a French jewelry brand that differentiates itself from the jewelry market with a unique collection, made from innovative materials. APARA won two prices at the famous “Concours LEPINE” in Paris and was brought to the US after witnessing a huge success in Florida retail stores.

The brand gives active women a fun yet classic selection of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that fits every occasion - dinner, beach, gym, work. The flexible, lightweight, and waterproof material, also known as silica, has become part of their core collection and ensures to fit every woman for every occasion. Very unique, APARA jewelry is a conversation starter and a best seller.

Although the brand expresses a strong classical feel, APARA is now shifting towards a more fun and coastal look. Taking inspiration from its natural surroundings and the design of the jewelry itself, the creation of the new logo takes its inspiration from ocean coral reefs. With this new direction, the brand promises a stress-free and exciting experience delivered with refinement and style.